Entertainment Lawyers Help to Keep the Entertainment Industry Running

Entertainment Lawyers Help to Keep the Entertainment Industry Running

The entertainment industry is constantly present in our everyday lives. We appreciate and enjoy the effort of all of the professionals who bring our favorite form of entertainment to life. However, there is another side of entertainment that we are not often conscious of.

Entertainment Law

Entertainment lawyers handle a very diverse array of issues within the entertainment industry. Predictably, they handle contracts, trademarks, intellectual property issues, etc. They also handle a variety of less obvious issues that pertain to the entertainment industry.

These lawyers must be well versed in labor law, immigration law, tax law, international law, defamation law, and any other area of law that could conceivably affect the entertainment industry.

The Two Main Types of Entertainment Lawyers

Most entertainment lawyers choose to specialize in one of two areas of the law (though they can all handle either area). Entertainment lawyers are divided into Transactional Lawyers and Litigators.

Transactional lawyers handle contracts. They draft and amend contracts for actors, musicians, dancers, writers, producers, etc.

Litigators handle any lawsuits that are brought against their client. This ranges from intellectual property disputes to assault, injury, etc.

Entertainment lawyers play a vital role in the industry. Both transactional and litigation lawyers help the industry to move along and ensure that everyone is fairly treated and compensated. A good entertainment lawyer is well versed in various aspects of the law, even if they specialize in one area of law.

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