Dental malpractice: The importance of diagnosing oral cancer

Dental malpractice: The importance of diagnosing oral cancer

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In the past, dental malpractice cases involving misdiagnosed oral cancer have resulted in settlements of at least $1.2 million. What is it about this form of dental malpractice that makes it a staging ground for high-stakes legal battles?

Misdiagnosed oral cancer has affected many relatively younger patients, many of whom have died as a result of delayed treatment. In fact, oral cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer affecting people today, not because it is difficult to treat, but because it is often diagnosed too late. When patients’ lives could be at stake, there is no room for error when dentists check their patients’ mouths for symptoms.

Because of this, the accepted standard of care for dentists requires them to identify patients who are at risk for oral cancer and look for symptoms such as lesions, lumps, discoloration, and bleeding. If a dentist fails to perform these duties or dismisses signs of oral cancer as a non-issue, they have violated the dental standard of care and may be liable for dental malpractice.

If a patient can prove their dentist owed them a duty of care, violated the accepted standard of care, directly caused harm to them, and are responsible for measurable damages, they have all the ingredients for winning a dental malpractice case. If you need dental malpractice information from an expert, contact the Levy Law Firm today! Attorney Dane Levy has won millions of dollars on behalf of his clients in dental malpractice cases, and he can help you get the compensation you deserve!

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